Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm getting stuff done just not posting it apparently

Um...long over due update? Sure.

#23 one more skein of sock yarn down, one more to go!

#25 done! I met up with MissV at the SnB she holds at her house every week. it's officially an every other week thing for me now, would be every week but I had to compromise w/ the Hubs since his thing is on Thursday nights too.

#31 got my radio and lurv it. And of course now I need to upgrade my Ipod so it'll actually last for 4 hrs every night.

#36 while I completed this one it was kind of a bust. I made him breakfast in bed but he couldn't eat it because he had to go to Physical Training for ROTC like right after and he was afraid of puking. Oh well, he appreciated the gesture.

#47 halfway done, Rion was so mad he kept following me around crying and saying "oh no." he doesn't sleep in it ever anymore they just like to jump around in it. All the more reason to get rid of it!

#61 finished first season and working on season 2 now

#66 lost 5 lbs and already feeling fantastic. It's coming off a lot slower than the first 40lbs but I'm being healthier about it too so it's kind of a good thing.

#78 did this but the pink didn't take so it was black w/ red stripes

#88 tried it and now know I'm not a fan.Is it just me or do the seeds look like caviar.

Pretty sure the avocado will be better though cause I LOVE guacamole.

#99 put a Paper Mario Background up since the Hubs and Rashawn have been playing it together, that was a few weeks ago and now Hubs replaced it with a super awesome looking World of Warcraft background.

Friday, January 11, 2008

1 1/2 down!!!

#20 which is super exciting. I ordered Socks that Rock in Valkyrie to make Jeanie!

#23 Halfway done! I bought Pumpkin Myst from CrashintoEwe on etsy. It's sooooooo pretty! AND I bought Goth Boobies(pictures on my blog as soon as I get it!) from Tara! Yay for sock yarn!!!!

Pumkin Myst

Monday, January 7, 2008

Add one to the knitting world

#18 Finito!! I retaught Ashley how to knit and she picked it up right away. Yay!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Edit to the list

Edit to the list:

#87 has been changed to finish Flylady's Beginner Steps. I seriously doubted I'd actually do the 365 project. more chance of doing this and it's actually more beneficial anyway :)

1 down!

#22 knit MJB hat- DONE!

More info on my knitting blog.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And we're off...


1 knit 5 Harry Potter projects(0/5)
2 knit 2 shawls(0/2)
3 knit 3 sweaters/jacket(0/3)
4 design a knitting pattern
5 knit a sweater for Hubby
6 re-knit Hubby's knucks
the cast on edge of these is totally loose and looks really funky so I have to fix them unfortunately that means completely reknitting them
7 finish ten things on my Ravelry queue(0/10)
8 knit 3 pairs of socks(0/3)
9 knit Christmas presents for Mom,Dad,Ian and Megan,and Erik by Dec 08(0/4)
10 go to 2 knitting/wool events(0/2)
11 upload complete stash to Ravelry
12 knit at least 1 VERY lacey item
13 start and finish Wedding afghan
14 knit Christmas stockings(0/5)
15 join one sock knitting club (preferrably The Rockin' Sock Club)
16 knit lampshades(0/2)
17 knit pirate sweater for Zander
18 get Ashley started knitting
19 finally send my sockpal her package (I'm the worst EVER!)
20 buy Socks That Rock yarn
21 finish Jaywalkers
22 knit MJB Hat
23 buy at least 4 skeins of sock yarn w/o having a pattern in mind(0/4)
24 buy three knitting related shirts(0/3)
25 meet at least one of the LimenViolet podcasters (this includes Carin)
since I live so close to them and have plenty of opportunities besides I LURV them
26 Find thick/thin pattern for Giboulees yarn
27 knit up Giboulees yarn


I work the midnight shift at UPS loading packages on the semis.

28 quit my job (when Hubby commissions into the AF)
29 be in Lincoln trailer at work every night(not based on whether the new guy showed or not)
30 get 2000 package scans in one night
31 get Ryobi radio for work so i don't go insane in the next two years
32 get 5k missort rate for one month
this means only get one missort for every 5,000 packages I load


33 treat Hubby to candlelight dinner
34 go on old market date with Hubby including horse drawn carriage ride
35 go on road trip/plane trip with Hubby
36 do something special for mike for 5yr Anniversary
37 go to at least one concert with Hubby
38 make Hubby and Air Force blanket
39 do photoshoot for Hubby after losing weight


40 potty train Rayden
41 potty train Rion
42 fill out Rayden's baby book
43 fill out Rion's baby book
44 read 200 new books to the boys(0/200)
45 read one complete children's book series to the boys
46 teach Rashawn how to knit
47 pull crib down and give to SIL
48 make tooth fairy pillows for boys(0/3)

Books and Writing

49 write first book in fantasy book series
50 submit book to at least 5 publishing companies(0/5)
51 read through narnia series(0/)
52 make 500 entries in my journal(0/500)
53 make 120 blog entries(0/120)
54 take at least one college course
55 reread Harry Potter books(0/7)
56 start an autobiography/fictional novel based on my life
57 read at least one book along with a book club and be active in the forum/discussion
58 pay my library fines :(
59 read Koga Ninja Scrolls

Movies and TV

60 get Starz onDemand
61 rewatch Smallville seasons(0/7)
62 buy Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke(0/2)
63 read and/or watch The namesake
64 read and/or watch I Am Legend
65 get Avatar: The Last Airbender season 2


66 lose 5 lbs
67 lose 10 lbs
68 lose 15 lbs
69 lose 20 lbs
70 lose 25 lbs
71 lose 30 lbs
72 wear "the dress" on a fancy date with Hubby
"The dress" is a dress my husband picked out when we went to Indianapolis on a marching band trip in high school. we had been dating for two weeks officially and I spent all my food money on it. Unfortunately I didn't get to wear it before I got pregnant and fat ;P
73 do 40 mins of yoga 200 times(0/200)
74 get celebratory knitting tattoo after all weight is lost
75 get "tramp stamp" tattoo after Mike commissions
The plan is for me to get mine and Hubby get one across his shoulders at the same time to celebrate the long road we've been on to get to this point
76 get bump on leg removed
Nothing big it's just a little bump that is benign and I hate it
77 whiten teeth and be better about brushing/flossing
78 dye hair black with pink streaks
79 start taking prenatal vitamins
Just for an overall boost

Random Assortment

80 start an art journal
81 go letterboxing with Dad at least 10 times(0/10)
82 get 20 recipes from Mom(0/20)
83 record a CD
84 get a second car
85 get a Corgi puppy and name him Dobby
If you're a HP fan and don't know what a Corgi looks like, google it and you'll totally understand the name.
86 frame and hang all posters
87 try project 365
88 try a papaya
89 sing in church again
90 go to membership 101 class and join church
91 try an Avocado
I love guacamole but have never tried just an avocado
92 get rid of full size bed and set up queen size bed
93 convince Hubby to let me get a guinea pig to tide me over until I can get Dobby
I need an animal in my life, I'm going crazy being petless
94 get engagement ring fixed
95 send out non-Christmas cards
Unfortunately I didn't get my Christmas letter sent out so probably in February I'll send out "non-Christmas" cards :)
96 play through at least one full Wii game
97 go horseback riding
98 get back into bible studies
99 find new background for computer
100 buy Warioware for the Wii
101 make new list(0/101)